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A Lot of readers have been asking us to review these two games which they feel are one of the best android games of 2016. The name of the games are Hungry Shark Evolution and Shadow Fight 2. Shadow Fight 2 is basically a shadow fighting game where you become a sword fighter and fight off battles with friends, family or anyone around the world and sometimes even the computer itself.

Hungry Shark Evolution on the other hand is a totally different game and it is about a shark. A shark which is really hungry and is looking to eat away anything that comes in it’s way. Now not all the items are eatable and that is what you have to spot and avoid making your shark eat such things. Eating things that can harm the shark will be very bad for the health of your shark. If health becomes zero then your shark will die. If you want to collect lots of coins and gems then you must give it a chance by letting it eat only the food items and not metals and other stuff that will destroy the shark.

Shadow Fight 2 is a game where you are a fighting character with a sword, armor and other safety stuff. Your task if to win as many battles as you can. With each win you score coins that you can utilize in buying better weapons and armor for your fighter and also you can unlock various other enhancements. Now this can be quite tough as you will have to win lots of battles in order to win a lot of coins and gems that are useful. If you ever feel that you are tired and the game is becoming very tough, check out this best shadow fight 2 hack and you can instantly add lots of coins and gems to your account. Use it only as the last resort.

Even in the game hungry shark, to gain access to the stronger and better sharks you will require a lot of coins or even gems sometimes and it will be very hard to achieve that. If you ever feel that you are not able to score enough points to get to those strong sharks or buying any kinds of upgrades or enhancements and feeling like quitting the game, don’t do it. Just check out this best hungry shark evolution hack and you will get a chance to score lots of gems and coins instantly. This is to be used only if all other options have failed.

Two Superb Strategy Games

U-Times has decided to suggest two new and superb strategy games for the gamers today. The fun aspect of these games is that they are played by millions of other players across the world and that means lots of new players who can be easily beatable and that is very interesting. Two games that are on our radar today is Dragon City and Monster Legends.

Monster Legends is a game about Monsters that involves a lot of feeding, growing and fighting. The game resembles your role playing games type where you have a character that needs leveling up and skill generation etc. Here too your monsters will level up and as they level up they will gain certain skills. Best to take out your Monster on any kind of fight, be it a pvp battle or a adventure map battle, make sure all of their skills are unlocked. If you don’t unlock all the skills then they have a higher chance of losing a given battle.

Monster Legends is a game that is played by millions and many of them are happily making use of cheats and scripts to gain access to stronger monsters. If you have a lot of gold in your account then you have no problem buying anything or upgrading any building. If you have a lot of gems in the game then you have a chance of speeding up the Breeding process that can take upto 20 hours also. All of that can be completed instantly now with the help of gems. If you also want to gain access to tons of gems, then see the best monster legends hack available on the internet.

Dragon City is a really similar game that involves you in taking care of these dragons. Dragons are wonderful creatures in this game and each dragon has it’s own unique element and habitat. Dragons require Food from Farms to grow up in level. As dragons level up, they will grow in size and they also unlock special skills. As we suggested earlier, don’t take out your dragon for a fight till all four skills are unlocked. There are lots of fighting options in this game, you can play tournaments or you can also fight wars in pvp battles. In PVP Battles you can fight your friends or random players across the world.

As you know Dragon City has over 10 million players actively playing which makes it one of the most played game in the world. Now the fun part is that there are a lot of scripts available online that you can use and improve your account drastically. With the help of this best dragon city hack now you can add unlimited gems, gold and food to your account. It is not really unlimited but they are so much in quantity that you can literally feel it as unlimited. Imagine trillion gems? Just try it out and see for yourself.

Both these games are really fun to play and are developed by the same company. Now enjoy this game with millions of other players.

Utimes Gaming – 4 years and Running Strong

UTimes has exclusively understood the rationale behind the word Old is Gold. We had been looking out for games that have been launched several years ago and is still widely respected and played around the world. After extensive research we managed to find two games that are still widely played even years later. Those two games are Clash of Clans and Dragon City. We have already discussed Clash of Clans before and so we would focus on Dragon City today. Dragon City is one of the oldest android games that are still going strong with millions of players from around the world.

Dragon City is a fantastic strategy game that can be played only by people who love strategy games that involve building, growing stuff. This is also a game for those people who love fighting with their troops or character. Here Dragons are your main character just like you have a character in any other role playing game. There are various types of Dragons in this game, almost eight types of elemental dragons. An interesting part of this game is that you can also have hybrid dragons too. It means that those 8 elemental dragons can combine through breeding and form a hybrid dragon that are of two elements. What is interesting is that two hybrid can be bred to form a triple elemental legendary dragons.

Breeding is by far the most important concept in a game like Dragon City and that is why it is important that you learn various breeding lessons wherever it is offered. You can also check out this dragon city breeding chart to understand the concepts of breeding in this game. We are making use of various types of breeding ideas in this game through that website. What is interesting is that these strong dragons are great fighters. You can use these strong dragons to win fights in pvp battles and tournaments. Tournaments are hard to win because lots of players come with lots of legendary dragons. Some guys even have all three legendary dragons and it is difficult to fight if you don’t have that many legendary dragons.

The main concept in this game is to have as many hybrid and double hybrid dragons. Only if you have a lot of such dragons you can think about going ahead in a game like this. By now, in four years there are a lot of players that are already far ahead and thus if you are just starting out, then you have a lot to do in this game to have any meaningful rank. Try the breeding guide we mentioned and it will help you a lot.

Want To Play More Games?

Yesterday we discussed how you can enjoy your life running along the railway tracks and driving in moon or mars, today we would like to discuss how you can enjoy the hell of your life playing Pool or a game of Snooker and well, even fighting or waging wars against other players across the world.

Today at U Times we are going to have an amazing game related discussion and we will focus our discussion on games like 8 Ball Pool and Pixel Gun 3D. The amazing part of these games is that both are played and enjoyed by millions of players world wide. Without a million players no game feels completed or enjoyable. All games must have at least a million players and only then there is something of value in a game.

8 Ball Pool is a game that can be enjoyed by nearly everyone. It is a fun Pool Game, or you can say Snooker or Billiards, played by people in real life across the world. This game is a replica of that real world game and thus you can really enjoy this game as much as you would if you played in real. Now 8 Ball pool is a game that has been made in a way that you enter the rounds by paying a certain amount of in game currency. If you have no in game cash, you are out of luck, thus you must always have in game cash. If you ever find yourself out of cash, try as that site promises to give in game cash for no real money at all.

Another Game that is fun to discuss is Pixel Gun 3D. This is a game that is well respected and well played by millions of players world wide. The fun aspect of this game is that you have to simply shoot down anything or anyone you see. You are Pixels made man and you have weapons of your choice and you have the right to kill anyone anytime. This game can be played in single player mode or in multiplayer mode as well. Weapons that you buy require a lot of in game currency and thus if you ever find yourself out of currency and a need is there to buy a particular weapon, remember as that website will give you unlimited cash in no time for absolutely FREE.

U-Times Presents You Two New Games

U Times is your only group that informs you about all kinds of new and latest games and other kinds of gaming technology to hit the markets. We are today looking at some of the famous android games that have crossed million users. Today we focus our attention on Hill Climb Racing and Subway Surfers.

Subway Surfers is not just a game, it is THE game that allows you to pass your time having loads and loads of fun. You basically have to run and collect coins on the railway tracks and also have to dodge oncoming trains. If you hit the oncoming trains, you die. If you slip and get hurt, you will get caught by the Policeman who is coming behind you to put you behind bars. The game is all about collecting coins and earning keys for reaching various goals. The basic idea of the game is just that you run and run, get points, collect items and coins and them improve your game further. We wanted to suggest an interesting concept to you lazy folks. If you are lazy then this isn’t the game for you unless of course you like to take a look at a secret ingredient. Our secret ingredient is subway surfers hack website that gives you a one time opportunity to collect unlimited coins and keys.

Hill Climb Racing is another game that we would like to talk about. This game is so much fun that we don’t know where to begin or stop. Hill Climb Racing is a physics based racing game. Racing is the most interesting part of this game and if you want to win the maps, you must be willing to make use of Physics. Physics helps you understand how to win this game better as you will have to drive on various terrains like Moon, Mars, country side etc. In this game the best way to collect points is to ride as long as possible or even stay in the air for longer duration. If you wish to collect unlimited points, then you must be willing to make use of professional software or website. We are letting you into a secret, see this hill climb racing hack website and then get back to us if you really like it.

UTimes Top Games To Talk About

Today UTimes is looking to discuss about some of the top class games of 2015. We are betting on these two games to remain at the top spot for the rest of 2016 as well. We are extremely bullish on these games because we have spoken to the management and the kind of updates that are pending this year for these games is going to totally change the gaming system behind it. We believe there is immense improvement possible in these games and our suggestions have been met by management with a lot of positivity.

Pou – One of the top games of last year has been POU – Alien Pet. This is a game where a player takes care of an alien pet. You have to play with your pet, take them for a bath, take them outside for scenic view etc. For each kind of activity you get some coins and that coins can be utilized for buying a lot of items in the game which will further improve your game. Your pet too likes to play with different items that you can purchase for them. Some of these items also keep your pet Happy. Remember that keeping your pet happy is one of the most important part of these game. However by chance you are not able to take care of your pet or get enough coins, check out this best pou hack guide. With the help of that guide you can get unlimited coins for free.

Clash of Clans: Did you know that Clash of Clans was one of the best games of 2015? Yes, it was best game for 2014 also and we believe that it will remain the top game in 2016 as well. With the kind of management behind this game, there is no doubt it will remain the best game forever. Every few months we are seeing improvements coming onto the game and the players keep rushing towards this game. A lot of players are also using free coc gems hack to get unlimited coins in the game, you can too read the linked guide to learn the trick behind becoming a coc expert in this game. Clash of Clans is one of the best strategy games of all time because the kind of planning and strategy you get to build is mind blowing. Building troops, upgrading defensive buildings and structuring the walls to defend your city are simply too interesting. There are many ways to win the game and we believe you have a lot to learn if you are new.

U-Times Tips For Love Birds

Hola readers! Today U Times is going to go by the latest trends which is Love and why not? The season of Autumn is no doubt a lovely season for breeding love. Love is a wonderful thing and it happens around this time of the year. The weather is not so cold and not so hot which is what makes it perfect to go out and meet young boys and girls. Let us continue to discuss on how to proceed with expressing your love to the young boy or girl depending on who you prefer : )

How to behave?

Most people get too serious around the girl or boy they like. Some get nervous and lose their ground. Some even get shy when they look at the person they really like. Some are tensed and afraid and run away. All of these behavior are going to make you definitely lose the person you really like. Your loved one would like to see you standing confident and strong. Look them in the eye and definitely not run away. Don’t look nervous but look good, smart and confident. With confidence, go and approach them and please dress well that day.

What to say to him or her?

You have to speak your love language with that person. Don’t talk like a friend or be extra nice or you’ll end up becoming a nice friend and nothing more. One of the things that really works is love quotes for him and her depending on who you are saying. Other similar love gestures can also be quite helpful in expression of love. Now of course the other person must also feel in the same way or it may not work. But don’t fear, if the person does not reciprocate then move to another person and don’t keep trying. A person always know instantly if they will ever be interested in you. If they are not interested, move on buddy, plenty of fishes and sharks in the sea.

Going On A Date?

If you are a guy, then make sure you treat the girl extra carefully. This date is going to be the deciding factor if she is going to want to see you more or not. You can go for a dinner or you can go watch a movie together and then have a coffee or something. Go do whatever you really love and let her see for what you are and then she can decide if she wants to be with you or not.

If you are a girl, then if you really like the guy, then don’t do drama. The guy is going to try his best to give you the best time according to him, even if he is not able to do the justice, don’t mind. Give him more time to learn and adjust and make his game better. Now if he is really horrible and you lose interest, that is a different thing. But if you want him, then give him time.

Two Best Smart Phone Games To Discuss About

Today is going to spend some time in discussing this smart phone revolution and how it has affected the gaming industry and life of 20th century. We believe that the best thing that has happened in this world is the smart phone revolution. Now most of the work can be done with a touch of your fingers. Paying bills to checking emails and sending texts or using instant messengers, just use your fingers and it is done. Did you think ten years back that we will be doing what we did using a laptop or a computer in a phone? We had those bulky white light phones and tons of buttons to deal with and here we are today, a 5-6 inch touch screen and no ugly buttons to use. With a touch of a finger, things are being done.

Today we are gathering here to discuss about two top quality games that no one thought will move to the top so fast. With millions of players playing this game, these games have reached the top of the charts and remain there so. Let us look at these two games in some detail:

The first game to make it to the list is Monster Legends. This game is one of the best strategy based games to be played on your smart phone. Did you thought that you will be breeding a hoard of monsters in an island? Feeding them food, nurturing them to get stronger, giving them skills to attack and fight for you? One of the best parts of the game is PVP Wars and fighting bosses. There is an adventure map in the game where you have to fight your enemies and win wars. Every five levels comes a big daddy who is tough to defeat. But as your monsters level up and get more skills, it becomes easier. You also get other related quests to play which are relatively tougher but gets you interesting stuff like gems and other special monsters.

Clash of Clans is the second game to feature in our list. We believe that Clash of Clans has everything in it to make it the top quality game. In fact this game is so good that tons of other games have copied the concept of this game and are even dying to get a word like clans or clash in their game so people looking for clash of clans game find their games too. How many games today have the word Clash in them? Thanks to Super Cell, Clash word has become extremely famous. If you play clash of clans, then don’t forget to sign up for a chance to get free gems coc. Gems is a powerful thing for this game and it is a must for every player to have that. Many times you will require gems to quickly upgrade a building or get enough resources to start an upgrade/update process. Free gems is something every gamer craves for.

Try these two games and give us good feedback, so we can find out more such games and come and give you a review of them. We hope you enjoyed reading our review and will continue to love and support us.

U-Times News Paper Article About Sony PS4

U-Times is blessed to have a great gaming team working day and night to cover all kinds of information related to the gaming industry. If you have subscribed to our newspaper then you know that we are the only news paper to dedicate one full page to Gaming Industry news everyday. Our Sunday special column contains about two pages of news from this industry. This is primarily a reason why massive number of young crowd is choosing only our paper to read. Our team had researched and written a great article in yesterday’s newspaper. The news article was about Sony PlayStation 4, the latest gaming console from Sony that hit the market last year. We would like to take this discussion further through our online blog today.

News Article

As you know, Sony PlayStation is one of the most widely played gaming console across the world. Sony PS4 has got twice the number of sales than Xbox One and thus we are dedicating our first gaming console news article to Sony PlayStation and not to Microsoft Xbox. Sony PlayStation 4 is using the latest technology and architecture instead of the old computing architecture of PlayStation one. PS4 uses cloud computing technique to keep their players connected to the internet and also store their data locally. With the help of Cloud a player can now store their data and connected to the cloud which is nearest to their location instead of connecting far away server and experience a lag. With the cloud now, one sitting in India can locally connect to Indian or Singapore cloud and experience a lot less lag. Their data too will be stored locally and accessed locally which means faster throughput and no lag experience.

Low Price Tag For Games

Sony PlayStation 4 games are also priced at a very low rate than Xbox One games. We recently came across some digital download stores that offered players to buy cheap games online and digitally download them. Nowadays every internet company is providing a lot of data and there is no issue in downloading the games. Saving courier and other physical product charges, saves a lot of money.

Live Multiplayer Gaming

Only one thing we are still hoping that Sony is going to work on is the online multiplayer thing. Xbox One has a much better interface to play games online. We played in Xbox One recently and we were a bit more happy with respective to Xbox One online live gaming than with PS4. Definitely, you do require xbox live free codes to play online, but for a player who has a membership already, Xbox One is a lot of fun really. Conclusion is that we still prefer Sony PS4 as single player gaming is doing well.

Three Fantastic Games To Talk About

It is September 2015 and all of us are watching GameSpot to announce the new upcoming games. But we would like to tame the enthusiasm and talk about some of the best games of 2015 instead. We are looking over at three games – Grand Theft Auto 5, Batman Arkham Village and Call Of Duty. These three games we have picked to discuss about. Before you read about our games, please do see psn code generator for an opportunity.

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most famous series of all time. The first most famous GTA game was Vice City, we absolutely loved that game. We loved everything about that game, from the game play to the radio music when we drove a car. Another interesting game they developed was San Andreas, it was a huge improvement. The entire game play saw a rewrite. The game went more 3D in nature than 2D as in vice city. But man, GTA 5 is a huge improvement on both these games. It is a huge revamp and that is the reason why it is the best game in the market today. Ask any PS guy and he is probably playing GTA 5 right now.

Call Of Duty is another fantastic game that keeps propping up on the charts, an all time favorite series of all players. We have played a lot of COD games, last one being black ops. This is a pure war and fight game. There is no peace here, just war, go fight or die kind of game. Just play the Demo version of these games and the first thing you will do is purchasing the game.

We are so fond of Call of Duty that we have printed a few posters of COD and pasted it all over our wall. We are now searching for a nice and fresh wallpaper hd to add to our smart phone background. Smart Phones are so widely used today that we are seeing dedicated wallpapers made specially for phones today. It is quite an interesting concept of 2015.

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